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Choosing your audience and placement

Google Display Network (or GDN) includes a large number of internet users, and a lot of businesses and marketing agencies have appreciated its efficiency. There are a lot of various targeting combinations that involve showing your ads. The variety of settings allows you to define your target audience. The most effective way of using GDN is for branding and drawing additional attention to the product.

What instruments to use?

Let’s look at some basic and most effective options for targeting.

Keyword targeting

This type of targeting is the most popular and familiar to many. You can choose the keywords that you use for the search, but apart from that, you expand the semantics with more general keywords related to the topic. In GDN the ads are shown on the platforms where these words and phrases are present. Besides, you can set up ads demonstrations for the users who showed interest in the product during the search. Thus, keywords work well on platforms or with behavior tracking. This is the simplest and most convenient advertisement demonstration option, however, not the most effective.

Manually selected placements

In this case, you choose the sites for displaying banners yourself. The manual selection allows you to select only high-quality sites that are ideal for your products or services. The disadvantage of this type of targeting is often the high cost of placement on the site, as well as limited coverage.

Audiences of interested buyers

Choose this method if you want to attract users who are already interested in your product, or those who are interested in online shopping. It should be noted that such audiences are limited in the number of directions, and if your product is aimed at a narrow circle of consumers, it is necessary to combine this type of targeting with others.

Special user audiences

When configured for special audiences, banners will be shown to certain groups of users. Wide coverage with such settings allows you to use this type of targeting for branding very successfully, so if you roughly represent your target audience, add this setting and show the product to potential customers.

In addition, in this option, you can independently create user audiences using keywords or sites of your competitors.

Targeting by topic

The screenings will be carried out at sites selected in various directions. One orientation of sites (for example, music, politics, etc.) allows you to focus not on a specific audience, but on a list of topics that users are interested in. This type of targeting is suitable if your product is used by a diverse audience.

The above types of targeting can be combined with each other to achieve maximum results.

What should I pay attention to when creating banners?

  • Focus on the special offer.
  • Use calls to action.
  • Be sure to use your logo.
  • Test several variants of ads with different appeals.