Google Ads

Everything thrives if its development is handled by specialists with extensive knowledge and impressive experience in the field. Contextual advertising in Google Ads is no exception — creating a campaign to promote a website is a painstaking process in which it is important to take into account many details. It is necessary to take into account and competently use all the tools and capabilities of the system so that the desired goal is achieved. That is why the development of the campaign and its management should be entrusted to really experienced specialists. You won’t regret if you decide to order contextual advertising Google Ads from us.

We create structural beauty by innovating

  • A rapid influx of potential customers.
  • Getting the site to the first positions of search results marked "advertising".
  • A well-thought-out advertising strategy.
  • Regular analysis of the effectiveness of the site.
  • Recommendations for the development of the site.
  • Independent evaluation of the work of your sales managers.

Advantages of contextual advertising

You only pay for the conversion of the target user to the site.

Most of the visitors from advertising are your potential customers.

The ability to select the region and time of the ad display.

Transparency of statistics.

The ability to accurately plan a budget.

Google ads

How we work

Together we compile a list of search queries for which ads will be displayed.

You pay for advertising services and the advertising budget, which we transfer to Google.

When a user enters one of the selected queries, your ad with a link to the site appears in the search results.

Why choose us 

Why choose us 

Why choose us 

Why choose us 

Why choose us 

Why choose us

We conduct the full advertising campaign

We take responsibility for the result. It is important for us not just to launch a campaign, but also to make sure that advertising in Google Ads has the most favorable price for the client and is converted into applications. As a full-service digital agency, we involve marketers, copywriters, UI/UX designers and other specialists in the work, working comprehensively on the interaction of users and the client’s company on the Internet.

Smooth work algorithms

The very day you sign the contract, we start the work: our experts will investigate the demand, analyze competitors, form a USP, assemble a semantic core, create selling ads for each segment of the audience, configure display parameters. All communication is through a project manager who coordinates the work of different specialists.

Guarantee of the result

Obligations, deadlines, responsibility of the agency, the cost of advertising in Google are prescribed in the contract. We are confident in the result, so we are not afraid to provide guarantees. No inflating the budget: the payment will increase only if you want to add additional work.