SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, which refers to the setting of site parameters for the requirements set by search engines. This is necessary to increase the credibility of your resource among search engines, as a result – the growth of its positions in search results.

What do you need for successful SEO solutions?

Optimized content

  • we create the core of key queries using Google AdWords service, according to which users search for the information they need on a certain topic;
  • create a landing page for each key in a specially created news or article section;
  • place a text on it, so that the target keywords are evenly distributed.
Meta tags are prescribed:

  • title;
  • alt (alternative name).
 For the pages themselves:

    • page title;
    • description;
    • keywords used.

Unique content

SEO promotion can give high results only if the condition of operating exclusively with unique content, both textual and visual, is met:

For these purposes, the content of thematic texts posted on the Internet is changed until they achieve a high percent of uniqueness;

Borrowed images are also processed – their size is changed, photos are cropped, brightness/contrast is changed. The materials that have undergone such processing are perceived by search engines as unique.

Successful SEO promotion also includes a stage of building up the link mass.

Previously, the purchase of external links was used for this. However, the algorithms of search engines are constantly being improved, respectively, it is necessary to improve the methods of working with them. Internet marketing is becoming more “alive”. And the modern method is crowd marketing.

Crowd marketing is a “live and natural” placement of links.

Links are placed in several ways:

  • Comments in thematic blogs and forums;
  • Answers on Internet sites of the “question-answer” format;
  • Comments on social media sites.

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