Affiliate marketing

By 2022, the volume of affiliate marketing in the world will reach $ 8 billion. Now, this is one of the most effective ways to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

Affiliate marketing delegates responsibilities to promote a product or service to partners, so all you have to do is monitor statistics and track fraudulent sites. Brands often track conversions through Google Analytics.

The use of Affiliate Marketing includes the following advantages:

The Internet is the best promotion instrument;

Online stores are very popular nowadays and often surpass their physical counterparts. In fact, most people make online purchases on a daily basis. As you understand, this is great for affiliate marketing;

Social media platforms are actively developing;

Since the Internet is thriving, social media platforms are widely used, and blogging is very common, then affiliate marketing is doing well. Most affiliated marketers have many subscribers on social networks, and many of these subscribers trust their influence on products.
Affiliate marketing

How does it work?

  • We help select the best sites and platforms for your products;
  • launch banners, contextual ads, teaser ads;
  • include links to your site in entries of our blog/site;
  • place the link on all our platforms;
  • launch e-mail newsletters;
  • give periodic reports on affiliate marketing channels.

Why should you choose us?

Our affiliate services are fully transparent and understandable.

We can provide technical and strategic expertise for connecting you with multiple platforms which will be most suitable for you and helping you beat your competitors.

We establish a trustworthy relationship with our clients and become fully invested in promoting their brand.

Our specialists use innovative strategies to extend your sales and place you on a completely new level on the market.