We can create a website from scratch with the following steps:

  1. creating a resource structure;
  2. technical development;
  3. visual design;
  4. copywriting and resource promotion.

All these are the elements that compose web design. Successful implementation of each stage makes the Internet resource convenient and attractive to users, increases its usability.

What are UX and UI?

UX is User Experience.
Which means it defines what kind of impression the user gets from working with your interface. ls the goal achieved and how easily?

UX/UI design & web development

UI is the User Interface — what the interface looks like and what physical characteristics it acquires. Determines what color your “product” will be, whether the text is readable, etc.

Stages of the development process


Writing a technical assignment

All structural components and elements of web design are formed based on the set goals and objectives. We prepare the assignment in strict accordance with your requirements and send it to you for approval and approval. Next, we move on to development.

Structuring content and finding successful solutions from the point of view of usability

This one is one of the most important because it is where we work with the structure of web pages and look for the most successful ways to implement the idea.


The results of this stage, in fact, are the embodiment of the concept of web design. With the help of HTML and CSS technologies, our idea becomes a code that can be viewed in the browser.

Copywriting and promotion

The text component also plays an important role. The right combination of images and text can convince a potential audience to turn to you for a product or service, and website promotion will attract new customers.
UX/UI design & web development