About Grentana International OU


We’re an Estonian team of dedicated and success-driven marketing professionals...

Our Team

We’re an Estonian team of dedicated and success-driven marketing professionals ready to handle the most challenging tasks and work both smart and hard to provide the best possible results. Our main priority is assisting companies in prospering in an increasingly connected environment.

Marketing strategies are more than just a tool or technology for us - it's how we think, how we operate, and how we interact with your company.

Our Story

Grentana International OU was established In February 2021. Although we have rather small experience as an official business, every single member of our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in various marketing fields. Moreover, since the launch we've been working with numerous top entrepreneurs and organisations to assist them in their business growth by helping to tackle digital marketing issues and converting them into benefits.

At Grentana International, our mission is to assist clients in achieving success by increasing productivity, innovation and profitability. We believe a personalized strategic marketing plan is essential to propelling firms to new heights. The goal is to fine-tune the approach based on solid analysis to attain the desired results.

Our Style


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our cherished clients in terms of trustworthiness, availability, and quality assurance.



We take pride in our expertise and solutions we provide. Our philosophy is to adhere to significant and purposeful practices that demonstrate our transparency and integrity.



Work can’t be considered efficient unless it delivers results. We strategise and progress-check with great commitment to obtain the outcome you’ll keep coming for.


We’re great at what we do and our clients can tell you why

I loved working with Grentana. They were so sincerely invested in the success of my company as if it were their own. Everyone was so full of passion for their work: marketologists, programmers, designers; and always ready to listen and bring my desires to life with their incredible ideas. I would never believe if someone ever told me I would one day understand how marketing strategies work, but now, thanks to Grentana’s team, I have a rather clear idea of how SEO works, and how to use Google in my favor. The work they’ve done for my company has been truly extraordinary, and I am glad to have found them. I will definitely continue working with Grentana International and recommend them to everyone who is in need of a marketing agency.

MantrapurIndigo Tetra Global

The company offers the newest, progressive approaches to marketing. I didn’t even realize there were so many options for advertising my product. Grentana has become my guide in the sphere of digital marketing and helped me discover the whole new world of potential customers. When I was looking for a marketing agency, I was thinking about the affiliate marketing service only, but after Grentana’s professional assessment of my site, I ended up working with designers as well. They did an amazing job with UI/UX design for my company’s site, and it attracted noticeably more people. It was obvious that I was working with true enthusiasts, and it inspired me as well. I keep using Grentana’s services as my company grows, and stay genuinely grateful to them.


Our business was just at its dawn and we realized that we needed good advertising to find our place on the market. After days of searching and reading reviews we came across Grentana, and felt like it was the agency we were looking for. And we weren’t mistaken! We got a detailed consultation with a clear explanation of which marketing approaches we personally needed to prosper, and after our approval Grentana immediately started the campaign. It involved several directions: affiliate marketing, Google AdWords and a couple others. We saw the results the very next day! Thanks to this company we have gained a name and a lot of new customers. Highly recommended!