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Banner and display advertising

Media advertising refers to various forms of advertising (video, audio) focused on entertainment perception, banner advertising – graphic images that carry an advertising message. This kind of advertising is very popular. 

Strategy development. First of all, it is necessary to set goals that the organization wants to achieve as a result of an advertising campaign. This can be an increase in awareness, an increase in sales, a change in brand image, etc. After that, KPIs are determined, according to which the effectiveness of advertising will be evaluated. Based on this data, a strategy is being developed that includes budget, coverage, publication sites, time of the event, etc.

Development of a creative concept. In order for advertising to be effective, it is necessary to develop a specific message that the target audience should perceive. This may be an incentive to take action (purchase of goods), change consumer preferences (For example, switch to vegetable milk), the formation of a specific brand image and associations with it, etc. After defining the message, you need to put it in a visual form and create a creative concept. The advertising that hints at the desired action works best, while evoking strong emotions and using understandable associations.

Advertising material development. In accordance with the creative concept, banners or video materials themselves are already being developed.

Launching an advertising campaign and evaluating the effectiveness. At the final stage, the agency distributes advertising materials and monitors the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Most common mistakes made when developing banner and display advertising

Lack of clearly defined business KPIs of the campaign. In display advertising, it is necessary to indicate the indicators of its effectiveness, otherwise it will not be clear whether it is worth changing the promotion channels and defining a different vector of the advertising campaign.

No advertising message. If an advertisement does not convey to the audience a message about the uniqueness of its product, it becomes useless. So, an advertising banner should convey a unique offer that will get exactly to the target audience.

Mistakes of the brand manager. A manager may make a mistake in preliminary advertising research, create an ineffective campaign plan, use outdated analytics tools, or fail to take into account certain indicators.

Media greed. The banner turns into a website, a lot of unnecessary elements appear in it (prices, services, terms of purchase) and it ceases to attract an audience.

SERM or working with reputation

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) is a marketing tool, the main purpose of which is to increase the reputation of the brand. The task of SERM is to make sure that when entering the brand name into the search engine, only positive reviews and articles are given.

Reviews of the brand can be found by the corresponding search query – the sites shown are the largest recall sites of the screenshot, response sites

SERM is most often resorted to when the brand’s reputation has already suffered. For example, as a result of a scandal. In this case, the task of marketers is to displace the negative from the first pages of the issue and replace them with neutral or positive reviews. However, the best way out is to prevent damage to reputation and work hard on the brand image on an ongoing basis.

SERM begins with an analysis of the current situation. Let’s say we have a fashion brand – we need to find him feedback, for which we enter the request in Google. We find negative reviews on different sites, and sometimes angry comments come across in the brand’s social networks, which are then deleted.

However, it is not a good idea to delete all negative comments. From the point of view of communication with customers, it will be more profitable to process the negative, respond to a negative comment and try to solve the user’s problem. First of all, you won’t lose a client. Secondly, you will demonstrate concern for your customers.

First of all, we collect all the brand criticism and analyze it. This will help to identify errors in customer interaction and provide recommendations for solving the problem. For example, it may be poor quality of service, incorrect behavior of call center operators or sales staff, difficult process of returning goods, etc.

Important to know

The quality of work of call center operators and sales department helps to track call tracking and call recordings. Listening to them, you will be able to understand what mistakes your employees make in communicating with customers and develop the most effective scripts and recommendations for them.

After all the main problems have been identified and recommendations have been made, the SERM specialist proceeds to actively work to displace negative reviews. Among the methods can be noted the purchase of positive or neutral native materials in major online media and other influential portals, as well as encouraging customers to write positive reviews.

Effective e-mail marketing tips

E-mail marketing is an effective tool for promotion in many areas of business, but you need to use it correctly. First of all, the marketer must determine the optimal frequency and time of mailing.

Be reasonable

Do not spam with emails. Firstly, few people will view hundreds of promotional emails. Secondly, this approach provokes irritation and a desire to unsubscribe. Thirdly, there is an opportunity to get banned.

Next, the topics of the letters are determined and a mailing plan is drawn up.

In many ways, the effectiveness of e-mail marketing depends on the design of letters, the effectiveness of texts and design, and user retention. Here is an approximate checklist of effective mailing:

Recognizability of the sender

  • Clarity of the main idea of the letter. It must be registered in the “Subject” field.
  • Greetings and personalization. The letter should be made for each user individually.
  • Lack of water.
  • Simplicity of the text. A text with complex turns will scare away the client.
  • Integrity of the letter structure.
  • Video ads on YouTube
  • Video advertising is an effective way of promotion, which can work not only for reputation, but also for increasing sales.

In this case, we will focus our attention on the capabilities of YouTube as the most effective platform.

At the moment, more than 80% of the world population aged 18 to 45 uses YouTube. At the same time, the core of the audience consists of solvent users with average income and above.

Another advantage of YouTube is the ability to launch ads through the Google Ads account. At the end of the campaign, it will be possible to conduct its detailed analysis and find a way to increase the effectiveness of the following advertising campaigns.

With the help of tablets and smartphones, people find the necessary information, choose products and purchase them. Mobile services are becoming more popular every year. It is the sites adapted to mobile devices that make the resource simple and convenient to use. The user does not need to waste time and nerves to find the right menu item or to see the fine print – mobile versions completely solve these problems.

Audit of advertising campaigns

The audit will allow you to identify the reasons for the inefficiency of the advertising tools used. The advertising campaign will be analyzed at each stage. The service includes an assessment of the quality of the developed strategy, the effectiveness of budget expenditures and the correctness of the selected advertising channels. You will understand all the advantages and disadvantages of your past strategies and will be able to build a new one without making previous mistakes.

Special Projects

Special projects are unique advertising projects that are integrated into the Internet space and aimed at communication with consumers. Most often there are such options as tests, mini-games and special publications.

The main goal of the special project is to involve a potential client, to captivate him with the product even before he saw it. Each special project is developed specifically for a product and, as a rule, is part of a large-scale advertising campaign. First of all, marketers develop a creative idea that will resonate with the target audience and arouse interest in the product. After that, the sites and terms of placement of special projects are selected. At the same time, each special project should be focused on the segment of the audience that reads such media.

Before launching a special project, we must analyze whether our services will be in demand in this format, whether they will be of interest to the target audience of the publication, whether the special project itself is useful and encourages the client to purchase your services.

Business consulting and business analytics

Sometimes there are situations when, it would seem, all departments work as they should, plans are being implemented, but business growth does not occur, it stagnates. And sometimes, due to changes in the business environment, the company finds itself in a crisis situation. In such cases, an outside view will be useful. External experts will help to identify all the strengths and weaknesses and find new ways of business development. For example, to develop a new, more effective marketing system. This is exactly what business consulting does.

For effective consulting, an audit is also required. It may affect the work of a specific department, or it may be concentrated on the entire activity of the company.

Let’s analyze the audit of a business using the example of a sales department.

The audit of the sales department begins with checking the motivation system of managers – salary and bonuses should be directly dependent on the results of work, which are set in the form of a sales KPI indicator, and the goals specified in the plan. If this condition is violated (employees do not have a soft salary and bonuses, there is no serious encouragement for the implementation of the plan), the sales department may fail most of the applications, which is unacceptable.

An audit of the organizational structure is important, which reveals competition among managers and the correctness of the distribution of responsibilities, an audit of the customer base (whether the rejection rate is high, what is the loyalty index, what is the customer’s share in purchases). Finally, it is important to analyze the product itself – whether it meets the needs of the client, whether there is any need to improve, change the service around the product. Here is a checklist of what should be checked during the audit of the sales department:

Implementation of the sales plan. The transparency of execution, resources, channels and actions are analyzed.

Loyalty assessment. The sales department should know how the loyalty indicator is measured, provide monthly reports on the indicator, and regularly collect recommendations from satisfied customers.

Product testing. It should be done regularly, taking into account the recommendations from the textbook on the product.

Training of managers. Reveals their skills, their workload, and is checked on the development sheets.

Visual representation of the plan. It is provided through CRM and dashboard.

Summing up

The range of marketing services provided by agencies is extremely wide and includes everything a business needs for high-quality promotion. In what cases should I contact the agency? 

If you don’t have a marketing department. This situation is typical for small businesses that cannot afford additional costs. In this case, the agency can take over all the promotion work: from strategy development and channel selection to implementation. Thus, for the price of one full-time marketer, a business gets a whole staff of professionals.

If you don’t have a qualified specialist. One employee cannot be equally well versed in SEO, branding and SMM. If, for example, you want to launch a display advertisement, but you do not have a specialist in this field on staff, it is better to contact an agency.

If the load on marketers is too big. Even large companies have situations when the volume of work increases dramatically and marketers stop coping with their tasks. As a rule, this is associated with some large projects of the company. In this case, you can hire an agency that will take over some of the functions and reduce the burden on employees.

If something goes wrong. You run ads, try different channels, but you don’t get the desired results. In this case, it is worth contacting an external specialist who will conduct analytics and find optimal ways to achieve business goals.