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Banner advertising is one of the most effective methods of business promotion. With it, you can sell, work on your image, and increase traffic on the site. But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Banner advertising works only for those who have thoroughly understood it.

We will tell you what banner advertising is and what its advantages are.

What is banner advertising?

First of all, we are talking about banner advertising on the Internet. This is a type of advertising, which is a block with text and a visual image. An advertising banner has several goals:

  • sells a product or service;
  • increases brand awareness;
  • attracts attention;
  • increases the traffic of the company’s website.

Development and launch of banner advertising

Banner advertising is a popular and effective way of promotion. But in order to work and attract customers, it must be done qualitatively. Attractive design, enticing texts and a well–chosen promotion platform are the basis for the success of banner advertising.

This is what a standard banner ad looks like. Visual element, title, subtitle, call to action and link to the product/service

Any company can use banners to promote its product or service – the main thing is to make a good advertising layout and competently choose a platform.

Banner advertising on the Internet includes:

  • graphic (picture),
  • text (text block only),
  • mixed, which is considered the most effective of the three.

This is an example of a banner where text and picture are combined. This is a good option, because advertising attracts both visually and with the help of the right phrases that encourage you to go to the site

Companies for which we have launched banner advertising screenshot, banner advertising

Types of advertising on the Internet

Banner advertising is of three types:

Banner advertising in GIF format is a moving picture. Due to the fact that the frames quickly replace each other, the banner instantly attracts the attention of users.

Animated banners look more interesting than static ones and instantly attract the attention of users

A static advertising banner is an ordinary picture with text. In order for advertising to attract attention and at the same time not bother a person, it is better to use text minimally.

When developing a banner, follow the rule: brevity is the sister of a talent screenshot, an example of a static banner

A text block usually contains just text, a phrase with a call to action or slogan, sometimes a logo. The advantage of such a banner is that it is concise, simple and weighs little, which allows you to load quickly even with poor Internet speed.

There is another kind of banner – teaser advertising. Such advertising is based on understatement, ambiguity. It should make you want to click on the banner and find out what’s next?

When placing a teaser ad, try not to slip into an outright low-grade “jaundice” screenshot, An example of a teaser ad

The advantage of teaser advertising is its low cost. Usually the payment is per click. And it’s also very easy to set up – just a few minutes will be enough.

The downside is that the reputation of teaser ads is not very good. Because of its cheapness, mass character and easy customization, this type of banners began to be used to promote dubious goods.

Often teaser ads are used by those categories of goods and services that could not pass the “censorship” and be placed as a regular banner: erotica, casino, etc. screenshot, an example of a bad teaser ad. 

Banner formats and sizes

There are a huge number of banner ad formats and sizes. It all depends on your goals, budget, free advertising space on the site, as well as the layout of the resource itself, where the placement is planned. Let’s highlight the most popular:

  • banners, which are usually located at the top or bottom of the site – 970×250, 970×90, 728×90

It is especially successful to place a banner in the header of the site. Then a person will instantly see a screenshot, banner-stretching.

  • banners-skyscrapers (300×600, 160×600, 120×600) are usually placed on the sides

Large banners are more expensive, but they are more attractive to the user due to the size


  • rectangular and square banners (300×250, 250×250)

Bright and contrasting colors have been chosen for the banner, which makes it clearly visible to the human eye screenshot, the banner has a square shape.

The cost of banner advertising depends on:

  • marketing niche and subject matter,
  • product competitiveness,
  • complexity of banner production.

RTB advertising: where and how to place it?

There are two ways to publish banners for website advertising: simple and complex.

The difficult one is that you independently search and select sites for banner advertising, negotiate with the owner of the resource, then ask for access to statistics. All this is long enough and not always convenient. An easy way is to use a banner advertising network (Kadam, GinAds, Advmarket) or an exchange (Rotaban, RMBN). At the same time, the process of purchasing advertising can be automated. Such an advertising purchase system is called programmatic.

A banner network is a system in which sites exchange advertising places with each other to place banners. There are many banner networks, and each has its own capabilities. In order to choose a suitable network, you need to explore several options.

Banner exchange is a catalog of sites where you can place ads. The place for the banner you choose according to the parameters: format, cost, site theme, audience. This is a convenient platform where you set parameters, for example, site categories, impressions, price, banner sizes, and place your ads.

Exchanges and catalogs are good because the sites have already been found for you. It remains only to choose a suitable place and pay for banner advertising.

Currently, the most popular procurement system is called RTB (Real-time bidding). It is carried out using programmatic and is an instant auction. When a person visits a site connected to the RTB network, the system immediately transmits information that it is ready to display ads. Based on the user’s data, an instant auction takes place, where the banner with the highest bid wins the place. The bid for certain user data is set in advance by the marketer. The entire bidding process takes about 120 milliseconds.

Banner advertising on Google

Google banner ads are published on the partner sites of the search engine, as well as on YouTube and Gmail. The algorithm as a whole is pretty standard: an advertising campaign is created, a banner is loaded, an audience is selected and a budget is set up.

Whichever method and platform you choose for placing banners, remember: for a person who has never encountered the setup of an advertising campaign, it will be difficult for the first time. There is a possibility that the budget will be used in vain, and advertising will not bring proper results. To avoid such problems, we recommend consulting with professionals who set up such campaigns in 10 minutes.

How much does banner advertising cost?

Usually, the total amount includes the price for banner production + the cost of placement on the site. The price for banner ads is set for clicks or impressions – it depends on the site /advertising platform.

Is banner advertising effective?

There are different opinions about the effectiveness of banner advertising: some are sure that this type of advertising has not worked for a long time – users simply avoid it. Others say that with a competent approach, it gives good results. We will consider the advantages and disadvantages of advertising in the form of banners.

Easy management – you have constant access to statistics that allows you to evaluate the effectiveness. In extreme cases, you can always stop the display of ads or make changes.;

Interactivity – a good banner should attract the user and interact with him;

A clear hit to the target audience – banner ads should be published on sites where the target audience intersects with yours.

Banner blindness – due to the large amount of advertising, users do not always see banners;

On some resources, payment is not for clicking on the banner, but for showing it to the user.

It is important to know

Despite the disadvantages, banners remain one of the most popular and effective types of online advertising.

The effectiveness of banner advertising largely depends on the performer. So, for example, if you order the development of banners and the launch of an advertising campaign from an agency, be sure – they will help to increase the reach of the target audience.

The ideal banner ad – what is it?

Your ad will work if several rules are followed:

1. Simpler is better. The visitor will not perceive a colorful and overflowing banner.

This is an example of an unsuccessful banner. There is a stylish font and interesting graphics, but the abundance of colors, the load of pictures, logos and icons makes the banner difficult to perceive.

On this banner, it is enough to remove the image of deer and Christmas trees, and the picture will be a little easier to perceive a screenshot, an example of an unsuccessful advertising banner

A good design is a product image, a title and a call to action. Simple and concise.

Remember about creativity! It is important to interest the visitor. A person will receive all the necessary information when going to your site screenshot, an example of a good advertising banner.

2. A well-chosen platform. For example, for a tourist city in China, we created a creative banner and chose a suitable platform – we focused on resources dedicated to Asia and travel.

Be sure to ask the site for information about the audience: gender, age, location, interests.

3. The main purpose of banner advertising is for the user to pay attention to it. The heat map of the site will show the most clickable zones on the resource page. Your banner should be placed close to the “hottest” zones so that a person can see it for sure.

Note! To be sure that the banner design is correct from the point of view of perception, the audience of the site exactly intersects with yours, and the advertisement is placed in a good place, we advise you to seek help from professionals with many years of experience.

How to deal with banner blindness?

As a result of the overabundance of information and banners on the Internet, people began to filter it and often did not notice it. A phenomenon has developed whose name is “banner blindness”. Advertising surrounds people everywhere, often annoying and disturbing. Therefore, a person tries to simply ignore it. This is banner blindness.

It is impossible to completely get rid of banner blindness. But there is a way to deal with it. Place the banner where the person will see it 100%. For example, choose the format of a large pop-up window that appears in the middle of the screen.

imgalt= “Banner screen in the form of a pop-up window”

The main thing is not to be annoying. It is not necessary to configure advertising so that it pops up several times to the user and interferes with the viewing of the site

Development and launch of banner advertising

Banner advertising is an effective tool of media advertising, the task of which is to attract a buyer.

Intrigue, attractive design, correct placement — these are the main components of successful banner advertising.

Summing up

The main task of banner advertising is to attract the attention of the site visitor. Intrigue, attractive design, correct placement — these are the main components of successful banner advertising. In order for banner advertising to attract visitors, and not alienate them, contact specialists for help.