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SEO optimization is a whole set of actions through which it is possible to develop a website and bring it to the TOP of search queries of popular systems. The higher the position of the promoted platform, the more traffic its owner receives. For convenience, all processes are divided into three basic groups. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Internal optimization

Internal optimization is one of the main directions of SEO. This section includes a special group of activities aimed at improving the code, appearance and content of the promoted resource. In other words, these are processes whose work contributes to improving the perception of search engines and users.

Analysis of search demand

The key stage, which begins with the collection of the semantic core. The latter is a set of queries that a potential consumer can use to find a web portal. When SEO sites are promoted, various search tools are used. For example, WordStat is popular, with the help of which it is possible to determine the popularity of the key by frequency.

Additionally, during the analysis, it is recommended to take into account:

1. Search suggestions. Many people know that when entering any query, Google gives various hints. They are popular words or phrases among web users.

2. Accumulated statistics in analytics systems. From Yandex.Metrica, if desired, you can download the most popular queries for which transitions were made to the promoted resource.

3. Keyword Planner. A special service created by Google developers. It is aimed at collecting keys from Google organics. However, in recent years it has been improved, and now it additionally collects keys from YouTube.

When all the semantics are collected, it remains to delete non-target and other garbage requests. It is recommended to group ready-made clusters by pages.

Content optimization

The second stage is search SEO content optimization of the promoted site. It includes:

1. Meta tags. Here it is necessary to pay special attention to the title and description – title and description. They are the ones who make up the snippet – a brief description that is displayed in the output. At the same time, the most frequently encountered key should be used in the process of title formation in order to improve relevance.

2. Headings. Pages, regardless of type and size, must contain at least one with the H1 tag. It is important that it uses a keyword, and it differs from what is involved in the title. The remaining tags help to form the structure, and may contain additional keys, synonyms.

3. Content optimization. Includes a thorough study of the text component. The content is strictly unique, so it requires a “run” through the appropriate services before unloading. It should be borne in mind that it requires keywords that fully disclose the topic covered.

Finally, you can use blocks of “similar products or articles”. With their help, it will be possible to improve behavioral factors, as well as organize internal linking of pages, correctly distributing their weight.


Represents the degree of convenience of the web site for the visitor. Usability is a complex concept, which includes both the overall design and the location of all blocks on the pages and the main menu. Another usability is the font type and size, intuitive navigation.

When developing the platform , it is necessary to take into account:

1. The principle of minimalism. The user will not want to stay on a resource overflowing with various elements, most of which do not carry any important information. It is recommended to minimize the design in order to increase the probability of performing a targeted action.

2. Standards of designations and arrangements. Despite the desire to stand out, the basic elements should be left in the classic version. If the platform provides a basket, then it should be highlighted with the appropriate icon.

3. Adaptation of the resource for mobile devices. It is more convenient for a potential user to use a site that is adapted for a smartphone and tablet. At the same time, it is necessary to consider that both resources give the same content.

To assess the level of usability, it is worth relying not only on your own experience. It is recommended to form focus groups and not be afraid to experiment.

External optimization

External optimization is a series of actions aimed at increasing the level of trust. A competent approach to its implementation improves the quality of the resource in the “eyes” of search engines.

Working with reputation and feedback

Online, as in life, reputation is important – there is nowhere without it. One of the ways to improve the quality of the resource and attract users involves increasing traffic through reviews, which are guided by Google algorithms. Sites that regularly receive positive comments are trusted.

Another plus of positive reviews and a good reputation is the improvement of conversion. Not only do new users come to the site, but old ones also return. The result is an improvement in behavioral ranking factors.

There are several ways to make a customer or potential consumer want to leave a review:

1. To sell high-quality products. Everyone will want to write about such goods and services.

2. Ask. It is noteworthy that in most cases requests to leave a comment lead to a positive outcome.

3. Conduct an interactive. A bonus or other gift for a review is the most common promotion that is still actively used.

The owner should keep track of incoming comments in a timely manner and respond promptly to them. This is the only way to remove objections and at the same time leave a pleasant impression of cooperation with the company.

There is another direction, thanks to which it is possible to increase brand awareness. We are talking about increasing traffic. The following techniques are used:

1. Creating a company blog to publish information useful to visitors of the resource in it. Such sections are considered quite visited.

2. Creating company pages on regional resources. At the same time, it is important to choose the appropriate direction.

3. Add a company to Google.Maps or another service with identical functionality.

4. Launch contextual advertising that pushes brand requests.

Also, the business owner should find partners who will periodically mention the brand without specifying a direct link. If the user becomes interested, he will try to find the resource on his own, which will lead to an increase in traffic.

Presentation in search results

Promotion of a website in the TOP Google – only a small part of success. It is important to ensure that the link is clicked regularly. Such an effect is possible only if it stands out and corresponds to the intent of the potential audience.

If we go to the numbers, then the basic indicator that determines the popularity of a resource is clickability (CTR). And the snippet plays an important role here, because the more attractive it is, the more often the link is clicked. In order for the user to notice the resource, you need:

– carefully approach the filling of the description and title, adding keywords and USP to them;

– configure markup to get an extended snippet;

– add a special recognizable button, having designed it in a corporate style – this is a Favicon;

– link the main resource with services, so that the snippet contains as much information about the organization as possible.

These methods affect not only the perception of potential customers, but also the ranking of the resource in the output. The more attractive the title, the more clicks, the better the conversion.

Technical optimization

Technical optimization is the third group of works aimed at improving the interaction of the resource with robots and algorithms. Mistakes should not be ignored, otherwise there is a high probability of reducing the effectiveness of promotion. Therefore, first of all, it is supposed to promptly correct any shortcomings.

Before starting to study the directions, it is worth considering popular mistakes. Among them:

– incorrect CMS operation;

– insufficient competence of specialists responsible for the development of the resource;

– gross errors in the functioning of the web portal.

Technical optimization is an opportunity to create a safe and user–friendly space, the content of which is not duplicated.

Technical SEO

The basic part of any promotion. Includes scanning and indexing of all pages of the resource to increase the chances of ranking. 

There are many techniques, but the basic and most common scheme involves:

1. Indexing check. It is worth making sure that all the pages of the resource are indexed. This is especially true for those sections that people need to find. In this case, you can check the indexability report, which will allow you to find the necessary pages or the reasons for their absence. Note that it is absolutely free.

2. Redirection from old URLs. Sometimes you need to change the URL of the page. If you do not redirect to a new one, the links will quickly get lost and will no longer be taken into account.

3. Adding internal links. Implies linking. This approach will speed up the search for the right pages, as well as increase their rating and the rating of the resource itself.

4. Adding micro markup. This is a unique code, the implementation of which improves the understanding of content by search engines. In addition, micro-markup supports a large number of functions aimed at allocating a resource among identical or competing ones.

The technical CEO cannot be ignored. Without a competent approach to promotion, it will not be possible to reach the TOP and attract the attention of consumers.

Visibility in search engines

Visibility is a special parameter expressed as a percentage. Represents the share of the target audience of the resource that sees it in the output, taking into account the keys from the semantics. Visibility can be determined in another way. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the number of impressions of the web platform and the number of positions on the promoted keys. After that, it remains to find the ratio. A high indicator indicates an increase in traffic. This means that the resource attracts more and more potential buyers, increasing attendance. The highest values are for those platforms that occupy three leading positions in organic.

The third option for checking visibility is the use of narrowly focused tools and web analytics. For example, subscribers of thematic sites get access to services for tracking the positions of the resource, which allows you to analyze the quality of its work and the level of optimization.

Now another question: how to raise visibility? This is not difficult if you take into account a few simple recommendations:

– identify and eliminate even minor errors;

– expand the semantic core;

– create content content taking into account semantics;

– configure linking;

– speed up the loading of partitions;

– adapt the resource to mobile devices.

The latter involves the creation of a mobile version or the development of an adaptive design.


The work of a layout designer is one of the most significant, since a lot depends on it. If the specialist has not placed the necessary components in the code, there is a high probability that the entire optimization of the resource will be ineffective and in the end will not give anything.

As already mentioned, the main element is the title – title. Therefore, it should not be forgotten. In addition, the layout designer needs to take meta-tags into account:

– meta keywords (recently considered a rudiment and rarely used);

– meta description.

Many underestimate the importance of the above-mentioned tags, and most forget about them altogether. However, with their help, you can speed up the exit to the TOP.

In third place in importance is the layout of html pages. This includes header tags of different levels. The very first one – H1 – indicates the priority of the selected part. If you arrange the title of the material in this way, then the robot will focus special attention on it. The remaining levels must be correctly distributed across the resource.

Next comes the optimization of images for specific queries. Proper use of the ALT attribute will make it possible to display images in the first positions, for example, in Yandex.Pictures. Of course, the literacy of the layout depends directly on the qualifications and responsible approach of the specialist. Therefore, it is important that he understands the need for all tags.

Adaptation for mobile devices

Previously, mobile adaptation was practically not taken into account when ranking. However, this has changed over time, and one of the main reasons is the steady growth of the audience with smartphones and tablets. There are several ways to adapt to portable devices:

Creating a mobile version is the simplest option, which implies the release of a simplified variation of the promoted resource. It should have its own HTML code and its own URL. The disadvantage of this solution is that when creating this version, you will need to configure redirection between the others. And this means to organize the management of all sites.

Elaboration of adaptive design. When choosing this method, a new URL is not needed, and the content of both resources is the same. Only the appearance of interface components that adjust to the size of a smartphone or tablet changes. Most people prefer it, because it involves simple resource management and makes it possible to track metrics.

Using accelerated AMR and Turbo pages. Roughly speaking, these are the most simplified versions of the original ones. Among the advantages of this method are fast loading of partitions, rapid adaptation to a smartphone or tablet of any model. 

In 2023, adaptation for mobile devices involves taking into account the following factors:

– fast loading;

– compliance with the desktop version;

– simple and intuitive interface.

Only such sites will fit modern algorithms and will gain an advantage in ranking. SEO optimization is a mandatory stage for any resource if the owner plans to bring it into the TOP To achieve a reliable result and high performance, it is worth considering all the recommendations described above, and the Grentana team will be happy to help you with it. Contact us today to have the SEO optimization your business needs.